Abandon Ship?
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3 "Manly Managers and Girly Girls"


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Abandon Ship? is the eighteenth episode of Miss Management. This is also the last episode of the third season.


As Ashley detailed her story of her valet, Denise wondered Duncan's absence from work. Everyone did not see him since he tried to bring the team to the skateboard park. Pearl is unhappy that Duncan left while there is a lot of work to do, whereas Luke is relieved not to have someone over them.

While Mahavir was napping when everyone begins work, Denise wants to wake him up to get started with the piling work. Pearl remarked that she has been with the team far longer than her and accused Denise for getting rid of some of the team members. Pearl also ensured to tell the team's situation to the board of directors. Denise thought she could do a better job of balancing work and relaxation than Duncan.

Duncan appeared at the end of the episode and announced that he is making his aspirations a reality by leaving the company and starting his own gym with a business partner named Anthony. He thanked Denise for realizing his potential. While everyone anticipated a long weekend ahead, everyone has made plans except Denise, who will spend the weekend cleaning up the house. Luke advised to take another day off to have a day going out and relax, and Denise is convinced after Pearl ensured to take care of everything. 


Required GoalsEdit

  • Denise wants to make sure no one stresses out for one day.
  • Mahavir wants to take a long nap on the couch. (135 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to take a cigarette break in the smoking lounge. (135 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to buckle down and finish 30 tasks.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Ashley wants to complain to Pearl at the water cooler. (120 seconds)
  • Luke wants to listen to the radio for a while. (80 seconds)
  • Pearl wants Luke to buckle down and do 15 tasks.
  • Pearl wants Ashley to buckle down and do 15 tasks. 
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.