Baleful Boards and Budgets
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5 "Executive Stress Management"


Denise Mahavir Brooke Nadine Winston

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Baleful Boards and Budgets is the twenty-sixth episode of Miss Management.


Mahavir was trying to hit on Brooke, but to no avail as she is busy with her work. Denise asks Winston whether he has seen Ashley, who is absent from work. Winston has not seen her, but he had forwarded an email to Denise from the C.A.I. Board of Directors that was addressed to Brooke.

It is said that more work had to be one to compensate the budget overages for the fiscal year. The directors also warned Brooke that she cannot keep the budget down and delegate responsibilities then the board will take drastic action. Denise decides that the team will prove them wrong by making sure the office has positive cash flow. Winston and Denise also agree to keep this crisis among themselves.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Denise has to earn $85 to meet budget goals.
  • Brooke wants to complete at least forty tasks.
  • Denise wants to talk about company problems with Winston at the water cooler. (70 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to impress Brooke by talking about work routines at the water cooler. (70 seconds)
  • Brooke wants to complete high impact cardio routine on the treadmill. (100 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to take a long nap on the sofa. (100 seconds)
  • Nadine wants to do all financial and writing tasks in one day.
  • Winston wants to zone out on the arcade. (100 seconds)
  • Brooke wants Mahavir to complete ten writing tasks.
  • Complete all goals in 5 days.