Captain of His Ship
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3 "Manly Managers and Girly Girls"


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Captain of His Ship is the fourteenth episode of Miss Management.


As Denise reflected on the working experience with Duncan thus far, Winston arrived to the central office to repair a router. Actually, Duncan uses this as an excuse for Winston to come over. Duncan claims that the team needs a "captain" and implied Winston has no proper father figure, which is strongly denied by Winston.

Duncan then proceeds to introduce cross-training among team members to work on their weaknesses. Mahavir is required to focus on writing tasks, Luke on technical and Winston on art. Denise tried to disagree with the decision, but she is quickly interrupted by Pearl. Duncan also asked Pearl not to do much work and relax as he tried his hands on the arcade machine.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Duncan wants Pearl to relax and knit on the couch. (100 seconds)
  • Duncan wants Winston to cross-train by doing 12 art tasks.
  • Duncan wants Mahavir to cross-train by doing 12 writing tasks.
  • Duncan wants Luke to cross-train by doing 12 technical tasks.
  • Duncan wants to see what this arcade game is all about. (80 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Winston wants to play on the arcade machine (75 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to take a smoking break in the smoking lounge to calm her nerves. (80 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (60 seconds)
  • Luke wants to listen to the radio for a while. (90 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 5 days.