Cleansing Ain't Easy
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2 "Who's in Charge Around Here, Anyways?"


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Cleansing Ain't Easy is the tenth episode of Miss Management.


Winston is unhappy about Pearl wanting to discuss the office regulations about having arcade machines with him. While Pearl is off making her popcorn at the microwave, Winston, Mahavir, and Denise talked about Luke's sickness, when they noticed him entering the bathroom several times a day.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to Chat Tara up at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Tara wants to get four deluxe markers from Office Town.
  • Pearl wants to tell Winston about new company policies at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Luke wants to visit the bathroom 8 times.
  • Winston wants to play on the arcade machine. (90 seconds)
  • Denise wants to try a delicious brownie from Office Town.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Luke wants to relax at the water cooler with a mug of medicinal herb tea. (50 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to complete at least 10 tasks of any kind to set a good example.
  • Winston wants to keep the AC running for a while. (60 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.