Her Real Plan
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5 "Executive Stress Management"


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Her Real Plan is the thirtieth and final episode of Miss Management.


While Winston explains the company's recent situation to Timothy, Brooke is venting out her stress to Denise and explaining that since the work is almost over, it is time for her to take a break. However, Denise disagrees because there is still much work to be done. Nadine is concerned that Brooke's sudden decision to be slacking will cause all of them to be fired.

Mahavir announces his return to help the team, Winston wants to talk to Denise to develop a contingency plan. Meanwhile, Nadine makes her own plans, fearing Brooke might know something that she doesn't.

When the team finishes the work, Winston is concerned that the board is strongly urging on Brooke's dismissal, which means the team will be fired as well. Brooke overheard about their discussion and assured them that the board has been threatening her about this matter for years, trying to get her resign from CEO. This time, she gives in and no longer works with C.A.I., as she is tired from the threat and so she spent the previous weeks saving the company from failing. She further elaborated that the company was her late husband's pride and joy and she would not wanted to be tied down. Besides that, Brooke has figured out to channel the budget earned by the team as their bonus.

While Timothy and Brooke bid farewell to the team, Denise shares that she got an promotion offer as an interim coordinator due to Brooke's departure. Winston advised not to take the job unless she wanted to do it. He asks Denise that while she likes to help others, what she wanted to do herself. Denise had never thought about it as all she wanted is to have a job. After giving some thought, she knows what she would do in the future.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Denise has to earn $125 to meet budget targets.
  • Brooke wants to take a cleansing fast: Don't use the treadmill or the couch and don't eat and drink for one day.
  • Brooke wants to meditate on the couch and find inner peace. (200 seconds)
  • Winston wants to discuss a backup plan with Denise at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Winston wants to keep the AC and radio on for a while for one day, without anyone stressing out. (100 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to take a long nap on the couch, within a single day (100 seconds)
  • Winston wants to play a marathon session on the arcade machine, in one day. (90 seconds)
  • Nadine wants to fish for information about the company by talking to Brooke at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Brooke wants to contemplate the future, alone at the water cooler. (120 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 8 days.