Mad Mad Management
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3 "Manly Managers and Girly Girls"


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Mad Mad Management is the sixteenth episode of Miss Management.


Pearl is fed up with Duncan's management and Winston agreed. He pleaded Denise to take action about it. Meanwhile, Ashley complained about the state of the bathroom and argued with Luke. As Denise tried to make peace with them, Duncan then told Denise to understand the masculine mindset to better relate to the male coworkers by playing the arcade machine.

Duncan then proceeded to inform Winston about the technical problems faced in the office. He required Winston to spend time on reading technical manuals, which is something Winston does not need. Finally, Pearl placed the blame on Denise for the chaos that was happening in the office.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Duncan wants Denise to try playing the arcade machine. (60 seconds)
  • Ashley wants to freshen up in the bathroom 6 times.
  • Luke wants to go to the bathroom 4 times.
  • Luke wants to drink 3 bottles of Kombucha Mate from Office Town.
  • Duncan wants Winston to read 4 technical manuals.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Ashley wants to get a scoop on this office by gossiping with Pearl at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Duncan wants to finish drafting some flowcharts on the whiteboard, within one day. (60 seconds)
  • Winston wants to play all the way through challenge mode on the arcade machine, within one day. (60 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.