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4 "The Belly of the Corporate Beast"


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Meltdown is the twenty-fourth episode of Miss Management and is also the final episode of the fourth season.


Denise had called the head office but she found out they have never heard of project PEARL. Pearl denied it claiming it is only known by only high-profile personnel. Pearl also claimed there is not much time left to the deadline for project PEARL, while everyone is not really working. Therefore she will take care most of the tasks for project PEARL and asked Denise to take care of the office budget. Furthermore, Pearl has ordered to not sell any snacks to the office since Denise can't control spending on snacks.

After Project PEARL has concluded, Pearl said there is more to the project, which led Denise to question the objective of the project. Winston finally voiced out that no one in the corporate approved the project and Pearl has made it up. Denise pointed out that Pearl is being a big bully, causing her to broke down in anger, feeling unappreciated after working for four decades. Denise then asked why Pearl is still working in C.A.I. if Pearl is being mistreated. After all the other employees mentioned their reasoning to work in C.A.I., Pearl realized she had to leave to take care of other things.

Suddenly, someone praised the team over the phone. It is revealed to be Brooke, the CEO of C.A.I. She said that she had been monitoring the team's performance and decided to have corporate reconstructing. She wanted the team to report to the head office on Monday morning.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Denise has to make sure no one stresses out for one day.
  • Pearl wants to demonstrate complete office mastery by completing thirty tasks.
  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (90 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to take a long smoke break in the lounge. (160 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Nadine wants to turn on the AC for a while. (130 seconds)
  • Pearl wants Ashley to complete fifteen tasks.
  • Pearl wants Winston to complete twenty five tasks.
  • Nadine wants to take a smoke break in the lounge; (90 seconds)
  • Winston wants to play the arcade machine to try for a new high score. (90 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 5 days.