No Hippies Allowed
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4 "The Belly of the Corporate Beast"


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No Hippies Allowed is the twenty-second episode of Miss Management.


Pearl and Nadine were plotting to get rid of Luke with Nadine giving Pearl an ultimatum. Failing to find sufficient reasoning to fire him, Pearl tried to convince Denise that Luke is under-performing. Denise assured that Luke is doing well in his work, even though he is not being well. In addition, Denise will prove Luke is a good employee. Unconvinced, Pearl took matters in her own hands by giving out more tasks to Luke.

After work, Luke complained about Nadine and Pearl bullying him and decided that he is not cut for the working world and resigned. Mahavir told Denise that she is also being picked on by Pearl, to which she replied that she will discuss with Pearl why Pearl is always on a bad mood.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Pearl wants to lecture Luke at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Pearl wants Luke to do more work than anyone else for one day.
  • Luke wants to relax at the water cooler with a mug of medicinal herb tea. (80 seconds)
  • Luke wants to get three Kombucha Mates from Office Town for a thorough system cleansing.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (100 seconds)
  • Ashley wants to go to the bathroom five times.
  • Nadine wants Luke so stress out that he leaves.
  • Nadine wants to take a smoking break in the lounge. (100 seconds)
  • Luke wants to go to the bathroom four times.
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.