Middle Manageress

Relaxes by

Making microwave popcorn, Smoking


Lecturing people


Air conditioning, music and anyone goofing off


Art, Financial, Technical



First Appearance

Episode 7 "Return of the Middle Manager"

Final Appearance

Episode 24 "Meltdown"

"All right, playtime's over... get back to work, children!"

Pearl is one of the employees in C.A.I of Miss Management who is also considered the main antagonist of the game. She is known for her bossy behavior.


Pearl has been in C.A.I for 40 years and she is eyeing for becoming the next office Manageress. Unfortunately, after returning from a cruise trip, she learned that the position is already given to Denise, fueling her dislike towards Denise.

Her thirst of seeking power is escalated when she launched project PEARL, an unauthorized project she created to control and overwork the team. During that time she hired Nadine to assist her project. Eventually, her plan is exposed, forcing her to leave the company for failing to find a reason to stay.


Pearl retired and moved closer to her daughter's family. She spends a lot of time encouraging her grandchildren with motivational posters and considered a new career path as a middle school vice principal.
Epilogue pearl

Pearl's epilogue


Pearl has grey hair tied into a bun and wears thick black rimmed glasses. She wears an orange turtleneck with a striped yellow skirt and brown boots. She also wears a gold necklace.


Pearl is a strict, bossy elder in the office. She like using her authority to force others to work on thing others they do not like and has a tendency to talk down on people. She looks down on employees who are unproductive such as Tara, Luke and Ashley, and could not tolerate any slacking from even important employees such as Winston.

However, an exception applies to Mahavir, where Pearl treats him fairly well as he reminds her of her youngest son and allows him to rest on the couch often. She refused to let Mahavir do the writing tasks even though he majored in English (opting to let Tara do it instead before Luke was hired), claiming consistently that his English is bad until the cross-skill workout as part of Project PEARL, where in fact she actually let Mahavir does it, knowing well that Mahavir is actually good in English unlike the other employees involved.


  • Pearl appears in 18 episodes.
  • Although Timothy and Pearl knew each other, they never meet each other in any episodes.
  • She is married three times and it is implied that she has a son and a daughter.