Shore Leave?!
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3 "Manly Managers and Girly Girls"


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Shore Leave?! is the fifteenth episode of Miss Management.


Pearl and Winston was discussing their experience working with Duncan when Duncan informed everyone that he realized that the amount of work is taxing to the team. So he decided to have everyone to have a "shore leave", as in they are only to work at most four tasks a day, which is deemed unreasonable by Pearl. Denise suggested to take leaves in turns so that work could still be done. Besides that, Duncan has allowed Mahavir to be absent from work due to being "overworked".

To replace Tara, Duncan brought in his niece, Ashley who is a graphic designer. After a brief introduction, Ashley excused herself to the bathroom to powder her nose. While everyone tried to relax before resuming to work, Ashley was alarmed to smell cigarettes as she walked out of the bathroom. Duncan asked Denise to show Ashley around the office.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Duncan wants Luke and Ashley to do no tasks in one day, without anyone stressing out.
  • Duncan wants Pearl and Winston to do no tasks in one day, without anyone stressing out.
  • Pearl wants to take a cigarette break in the smoking lounge. (120 seconds)
  • Ashley wants to freshen up in the bathroom 8 times.
  • Duncan wants to play on the arcade machine to try to beat Winston's score. (120 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Luke wants to go to the bathroom 5 times.
  • Duncan wants to play on the arcade machine. (120 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to get to know Ashley by gossiping with her at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.