Tasks are work delivered to the office and to be completed by Denise and the team to earn petty cash. Denise has the responsibility to assign the tasks according to the employee's skill. There are dark bars printed in front of each task, and the more bars the task has the longer it is for it to be completed. However, harder tasks are rewarded more than easier tasks.

Different types of tasks are color coded so that Denise can identify the tasks suitable for each employee. Tasks that are blue are technical tasks, green are financial tasks, art tasks are in orange and writing tasks are purple.

Image Type Strengths Weakness
Technical Brooke, Pearl, Winston Ashley, Tara
Financial Brooke, Nadine, Pearl, Timothy Ashley, Luke, Tara
Art Ashley, Brooke, Pearl, Tara Luke, Nadine, Timothy, Winston
Writing Brooke, Luke, Nadine Ashley

Employees who are good at certain tasks will finish the tasks quickly. If Denise assigns a task to an employee who is weak at, the process will be slower and the stress level will be higher. Employees can work on the tasks faster temporarily by studying respective manuals and consuming coffee. These items can be bought at Office Town.

If tasks were not assigned or left unattended for a period of time, they will turn into red flashes. Overdue tasks will add stress to Denise unless the task is completed. The day will be over if she is stressed out.

Some goals of each episode are a targeted number of tasks to be fulfilled, or a specific type of task must be done by that employee. Sometimes if a certain task is given to a certain employee, it will cause stress on another employee while he/she is working.