The Pen's Mightier...?
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2 "Who's in Charge Around Here, Anyways?"


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The Pen's Mightier...? is the eighth episode of Miss Management. This episode introduces writing tasks.


Denise is puzzled on what to do with the new purple tasks delivered on her desk and asked Winston about it, who was busy playing the recently installed arcade machine. Pearl arrived later and told Denise that the purple tasks are writing tasks.

Pearl was then upset after hearing that Denise has agreed to receive two batches of writing tasks from the central office when there is no writing staff in the team. To solve the problem, she asked Tara to handle writing tasks as she deemed Tara as the creative type. Tara attempted to protest, stating she is mostly into drawing and Mahavir can do a better job than her. However, Pearl insisted that Mahavir is poor in English, which is untrue according to others.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Pearl wants to chat with Winston about hardware upgrades at the water cooler. (60 seconds)
  • Winston wants to configure the new arcade machine. (80 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to nap on the couch. (90 seconds)
  • Pearl wants Tara to finish 10 writing tasks.
  • Denise wants to buy a diet soda from Office Town.

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Winston wants to test the arcade machine by playing it. (60 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to chat Tara up at the water cooler. (90 seconds)
  • Pearl wants to complete 10 tasks of any kind to prove who's the best worker in the office.
  • Winston wants to keep the AC running for a while. (80 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 4 days.