What a Girl Wants...?
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5 "Executive Stress Management"


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What a Girl Wants...? is the twenty-seventh episode of Miss Management.


Ashley returns to work announcing her engagement to Charles, a hedge fund manager. She would love to share the details with Denise and Nadine. Moreover, she also annouced that she would not be working at C.A.I. after her wedding in the weekend. Denise was not very pleased as she would have to manage work for only four people. Mahavir too was not excited about doing art tasks if Ashley is not going to work on them.

Meanwhile, Nadine asks Winston why his sister Brooke is such an exercise enthusiast, in which he reply that he inherited the computer couch potato genes while his sister inherited the yoga marathon ones. This leads to Nadine trying out the treadmill thinking it was Brooke's way to keeping her success.


Required GoalsEdit

  • Denise has to earn $100 to meet budget goals.
  • Ashley wants to talk to Nadine at the water cooler about fashionable shoe stores in Monaco. (70 seconds)
  • Ashley wants to describe to Denise at the water cooler how big a four carat stone really is. (70 seconds)
  • Nadine wants to find the secret to Brooke's success by exercising at the treadmill. (90 seconds)
  • Brooke wants to complete high impact cardio routine on the treadmill. (120 seconds)

Optional GoalsEdit

  • Ashley wants to take pity on Mahavir and chat with him at the water cooler. (80 seconds)
  • Ashley wants to tell Winston at the water cooler how great rich guys are. (80 seconds)
  • Winston wants to keep the AC and radio on for one day, without anyone stressing out. (90 seconds)
  • Mahavir wants to take a long nap on the couch, within a single day. (80 seconds)
  • Complete all goals in 6 days.